Krista A

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My name is Krista. Born in Wyoming, I moved to Boise at the start of 2013 to be with my now-fiance. Having formed a tight-knit group of friends here through Anime Oasis, a local convention, it was a very positive move for me. In the time since then, I’ve done a little bit of everything. Holding jobs ranging from caregiving to running my own escape room, dabbling in hobbies as varied as leatherworking, and building my own gaming PC. Along the way, I picked up my sweet little furball of a cat, as well as a deep love for this city I have come to call home.


I joined Snuggle Buddiez because finding a sense of fulfilment is important to me. Making a positive difference is perhaps the best way to find that. It’s a similar reason to why I like playing healers in any game that will let me: I enjoy helping others.

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"Yes, never a dull moment. Charming and the music was great! Felt very comfortable and relaxed."