Gina O

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As a certified professional cuddler, I am committed to cuddling as a valuable healing practice for individuals ranging from those in need of a hug and those seeking to reconnect in a safe and open space. I consider touch to be a crucial part of the human experience, one that can lead to growth, healing, and transformation. The experience of being close and connected can help to foster self-awareness, relieve anxieties and lead to more joy-filled lives. Currently in our culture we have very narrow views regarding touch, preventing us from accessing the power and benefits of platonic touch. By broadening our view of the way we think of touch we can better understand our wants and needs. By understanding this we also learn to trust ourselves to communicate our needs openly and honestly. The desire to share this experience with others is what has lead me here. In my sessions, I am committed to mutual and consensual connections with verbal agreements on both sides. Cuddling can be an extremely healing and growth initiating activity and that is something that I hope you can experience in my sessions. I work with clients to express their wants and needs, offering a place to explore, feel safe and reconnect. I am looking forward to meeting you, please feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Snugglist Gina O–12/21/2019

I feel like this session went very well, I left feeling very relaxed.


Snugglist Gina O–12/23/2019

Was good, she is easy to talk to.


Snugglist Gina O –3/1/2020

Yes, it was a meet and greet so no snuggles yet. It was a fun meet and greet though. Gina is wonderful!


Snugglist Gina O–12/22/2019

She was awesome!


Snugglist Gina O –12/28/2019

Felt way better than I did going in.