Georgia S     

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Bred,born and raised in Georgia, Alabama and Germany as a Southern-Baptist Amish military brat from 1979-1995. I have been a personal and professional caregiver from August 1986-current. I currently am educated in reflexology, massage therapy, nursing assistant and caregiver. I am an Alternative Touch Therapist. A nurturer by natures design. I believe in contributing to others mental and physical health in a professional ethics mentality. As an empathetic woman with my associates degree in healthcare, I speak conversational German, Spanish and fluent in American English. I am elated to meet, chat and potentially be the comfort you are needing professionally. I hope your Monday is Miraculous not Manic, Tuesday is Terrifical not Terrible, Wednesday is Wonderful not Weary, Thursday is Thankful not Thoughtless, Friday is Fantastical not Frantic, Saturday is Satisfying not Saddening and Sunday is Sunny and 75* Happier than your last!

Snugglist – Georgia S 


“I thought the session was creative and well needed “

- Michael

Snugglist – Georgia S


“The session was very good and relaxing.“


Snugglist – Georgia S. 


“ I feel she went above and beyond what I even expected in the situation. “


- Josh

Snugglist – Georgia S


“Georgia S. has natural talent“


Snugglist – Georgia S


“Georgia has a natural talent for being a cuddlist. She takes her role very seriously, and is very professional, polite, and accommodating. The session was fantastic, relaxing, mentally stimulating, and overall satisfying.“


Snugglist – Georgia S


“Yes it was a great environment and very comfortable..“