Dani S

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Dani S., a 32-year-old mom who enjoys spending time with family sharing a bag of Doritos or just hanging out. She also enjoys adventures like taking the boat out and wake-boarding. She is a no-nonsense gal with a quirky sense of humor who believes in the value and benefits of being a certified touch therapist.

Snugglist – Dani S            


“ Very professional and I felt comfortable as if i could tell her anything.“

- Amber

Snugglist – Dani S


“I was not sure what to expect. She helped me understand and helped me feel best comfortable. I never thought that cuddling could be therapeutic but I feel relaxed and happy after the session.“

- David

Snugglist – Dani S           


“Yes it was very successful, brightened my mood. “

- Justin

Snugglist –Dani S             


“ I left feeling good about myself and relaxed.“

- Brian

Snugglist – Dani S


“  I was a little nervous at 1st not knowing how to approach a new situation like this. But she made me feel very comfortable and didn't hesitate to communicate with me to let me feel more open with the situation so that I didn't feel out of my comfort zone. Everything she did was very professional and I will definitely recommend her to anyone. Thank you “

- Robert