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Mindi H

My passion is to facilitate and hold space for people to heal.  Life is not easy and can be overwhelming at times, and we as humans sometimes forget how important it is to take some time for self care/self love.  I am a certified level 2 QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) Hypnotherapy Practitioner and a certified Alternative Touch Therapy Specialist.  I’ve often been told that I am very easy to talk to and have great energy!  As an Alternative Touch Therapy Specialist, I am here to hold a calm, safe, and non judgmental space for my clients to give themselves that self care their soul is needing.

Snugglist Mindi –2/1/2020

Mindi is an amazingly empathic person. She can sense your needs. I asked for an hour of feeling taken care of and relaxation where I could let go. She soothed me into relaxation, reminding me to breathe and giving me positive affirmations while she caressed my body. Her soft fingers felt amazing, and her touch is very gentle and soothing. I felt so much at ease with her. Thank you!


Snugglist Mindi H –2/1/2020


I recently had a snuggle session with Mindi and I have to say it was great hanging out with her.


She really helped alleviate a lot of loneliness I’ve been experiencing and I felt completely excepted and able to just be myself.



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