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Kendra K

“It’s you I like, every part of you. It’s not the things you wear. It’s not the way you do your hair, but it’s you I like. The way you are right now, the way down deep inside you, not the things that hide you. … It’s you I like.” Hi, I’m Kendra. That is a quote from one of my favorite songs by an amazing human, Fred Rogers. Like Fred, I see the value of every human and I also know the healing power of two hearts connecting.

I have been told I have a healing touch and I’m easy to talk to. I’m also a singer and happy to serenade my clients. I provide my clients with a safe space to be themselves. I feel there’s no greater gift I can give someone than the space to be their honest self. Whatever you need that day, I want to be able to help you with that.

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Snugglist-Kendra K 5/31/2019

Kendra is a natural with her abilities to smoothly break the ice with any experience she’s timeless 💝I’m grateful she’s been put into my path. She is a natural empath of infinite love, thank you 🙏 isn’t enough you are cherished Kendra K 💝🤗🙏


- Anonymous

Snugglist- Kendra K 5/03/2019

“Absolutely. I felt like I was able to get what I needed out of the session, a deep sense of relaxation and being understood. No pressure!”

- Anonymous

Snugglist- Kendra 8/30/2019

“Kendra  was very cordial, unpretentious, clear and concise.”


Snugglist- Kendra K 8/8/2019

“Kendra was outstanding in every regard. I felt very satisfied with my session. This session surpassed all my expectations.”


- Anonymous

Snugglist Kendra K–8/8/2019

This session surpassed all my expectations.

- Hutch

Snugglist- Kendra K 11/21/2019

“Amazing success. I've never desired to be as vulnerable and raw with/to someone as I did with Kendra. She immediately made me feel safe. I felt completely disarmed and it was so cathartic.”


Snugglist Kendra K –3/4/2020

I wish ther was an option to rate sessions/snugglists as Excellent, Outstanding, Perfect. Kendra is the Babe Ruth of snuggling--always knockin' it out of the park.


Snugglist- Kendra K 10/3/2019

“Kendra is wise beyond her years.”


Snugglist-Kendra K 11/13/2019

“Kendra is an amazing person who has an uncanny ability to get people to open up and let down their guard and be able to just be. I can not recommend her highly enough.”


Snugglist Kendra K–2/21/2020

Absolutely! There was never a time during this session when I didn't feel completely safe and cared for. Kendra did an outstanding job of being attentive and responsive to my requests and I walked away from the session feeling completely refreshed and at peace. I highly recommend Kendra to anyone seeking platonic touch and/or companionship.


Snugglist Kendra K –4/16/2020

I recently had a video session with Kendra. I was a little curious, and honestly a little skeptic, about how well a video call would go for me with a Snugglist... I have learned that something I need in my life, is the human contact that a Snugglist provides. So, I was unsure if the video call would benefit me very much. But, I was very pleasantly surprised at how nice it was to have a video call with Kendra. It was every bit as comforting and pleasant as when I had seen her in person... She is very easy to talk to, so we had great conversation. I really like how understanding and open minded she is. She also sang for me and sympathized with me. It really was a great time! I look forward to seeing her again soon! And if you are in need of some quality company, I hope that you consider Kendra.


Snugglist Kendra K –4/27/2020

Perfection cannot be improved on


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