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Kendra K

“It’s you I like, every part of you. It’s not the things you wear. It’s not the way you do your hair, but it’s you I like. The way you are right now, the way down deep inside you, not the things that hide you. … It’s you I like.” Hi, I’m Kendra. That is a quote from one of my favorite songs by an amazing human, Fred Rogers. Like Fred, I see the value of every human and I also know the healing power of two hearts connecting. 


I have been told I have a healing touch and I’m easy to talk to. I’m also a singer and happy to serenade my clients. I provide my clients with a safe space to be themselves. I feel there’s no greater gift I can give someone than the space to be their honest self. Whatever you need that day, I want to be able to help you with that. 

You can follow Kendra in Instagram: @kksnuggles