Christine T

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From my own life experience and struggles, I understand the deep need for connection that can at times seem elusive. 


In every interaction and relationship, we give and receive Touch through voice, mind, body, heart and spirit. How we Touch each other is fundamental in our personal and collective Well Being. As a passionate Mama Bear of four grown Beings, my Prime Directive and Soul Purpose has and is to help provide a reminder of our connection and ability to Touch the Essence of Heart and Soul where safety, belonging and security reside. 


We live in a world where many feel a great sense of isolation, separation and loneliness in relationship with family, nature and community. The simplest connection can mean the world of difference and provide healing even for a moment. We are not meant to be okay all on our own or expect that we can. We need a healthy energy exchange for vitality and wellness. I understand this and value my ability and desire to provide a Touch of presence, unconditional love and non-judgement for you to feel witnessed and validated in your existence.


I have an extensive background of study and experience in energy, mind, body, spirit wellness with an intuitive approach. I provide and hold a safe, healing, loving space of listening, acknowledgement, and presence for your entire Being.  My goal is to use the many ways we Touch in interaction to gently guide, remind and connect you to your witness, wisdom and knowing and its deep intimacy with the Essence of all Life where we all Belong.


Feel free to reach out for a phone conversation to discuss where you are at and how I can help. You are not alone!

Video Greeting



It was lovely 🌈✨💛✨🌈

- Brian


The session i had with Christine seemed almost divine and was exactly what I needed. She has such a beautiful way of perceiving the right approach and providing creative and encouraging ways to help with feeling so much better. I’m very grateful to have encountered her.

- Allison


Christine is very warm and welcoming. She created an extremely professional and comforting experience for our session. She is so easy to talk with and I look forward to spending more time with Christine.




It was a small vacation from life. Christine made me feel comfortable and heard and good..

- Jess


This session was with a friend that I already feel very safe and comfortable with. I felt held and supported physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Her words were comforting and being held and touched by her felt natural and nurturing.


- Sunny