Christina Q

1-888-4Snuggles  Ext. 705

Hi! I'm Christina and I'm here to spend time with YOU!

My nature has always driven me toward caring, understanding, and helping others to feel good about themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin.  I have studied psychology and the art of massage for relaxation as well as worked closely with young adults and adults with anxiety, depression, and addiction.

I am a good listener and I believe this is what everyone really needs and seems to be missing more and more of every day in our lives.  This position has given me the opportunity to reach out and help others providing a safe space.

I will enjoy just being with you and relaxing. This is time you'd be taking for yourself to find your moment of calm.  Remove yourself from the rush of life and be with someone who is understanding and will not judge you.  Will care about you and your thoughts unconditionally and won't be satisfied until you smile from the inside out.  It's an awesome feeling to just "be" without worry.

Schedule a "Meet and Greet" with me and book your first session!  We can talk about what type of session will be most fulfilling for you.  Once you feel this safe, relaxing setting, you'll find the more you want to give this time to yourself and the more beneficial it becomes for you.

Feel free to contact me any time with any additional questions at x705.  I'm very quick to respond if you call and find you need to leave me a message.

Excited and honored to spend some time with you!

~ Christina Q.

NOTE:  I am available for men and women. 

Also, on request, I offer session opportunities/packages for:

* overnights

* hospital stays, trips, events,

* and multiple-day stays. 

Reach out to me for more details or if you have an idea of what you'd like; we can come up with a custom session for you.

Snugglist – Christina Q   


“I had a great session.  Christina is an amazing cuddler and great to talk to.  The hour just flew by, too bad I didn't schedule a longer session.  Charlotte is very sweet too, greeted me with a hug along with Christina when I went in for my meet and greet.”


Snugglist – Christina Q   



I surprisingly loved my session. Christina had me smiling and laughing the entire time.  Time went by so quickly I wished it wasn't over.  I left rejuvenated and looking forward to our next session!


Snugglist – Christina Q   



The Session went very well. Christina is a lovely lady.


Snugglist – Christina Q   



I had a great session with Christina.  She is simply amazing.  She is a great cuddler and very easy and fun to talk too.  Plus she is very beautiful too.  it was the highlight of my day.


Snugglist – Christina Q   



Christina is a woman with a warm heart and kind demeanor. She has empathy and possesses a deep desire to comfort the soul.


Snugglist – Christina Q 



I wasn't sure if this was for me but Christina made me feel that I was in a safe space and my session was extremely therapeutic. I could talk freely with no judgement and that was great. I've already made another session.


Snugglist – Christina Q   



Have had multiple sessions and Christina is a good listener. She is very comfortable to be with.


Snugglist – Christina Q   5/12/2019


I am uncomfortable in new places and in crowds.  Christina graciously agreed to have our session in my home.  I enjoyed her company.