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About Us

Here at Snuggle Buddiez, we strive to provide you with the safest, most reliable and skilled source of 100% platonic alternative touch therapy service in Idaho.


We aim to offer the most relaxing and enjoyable professional snuggling experience possible.

Studies have shown that that the lack of human touch is an enormous factor towards causing depression.

Platonic human touch releases Oxytocin.

Oxytocin has a major role in lowering blood pressure, lowering stress levels, reducing social anxiety, helping to relieve pain, and protecting against inflammation.


Many people do not get the amount of human touch they want or need on a daily basis. With Snuggle Buddiez, you are able to create a custom experience with the healing power of this Alternative Touch Therapy Service.


Charlotte Lindsay


1-888-4Snuggles ext. 700

Charlotte Lindsay decided to start Snuggle Buddiez after being single for an extended period.

“I went through a very messy, hectic breakup,” Lindsay, 36, says. “I just spent the last three years focusing on raising my daughter and working.”

Because of severe lower back pain, Lindsay had to take disability leave from her job this summer. A back specialist asked her about possible emotional trauma as a cause. The Snuggle Buddiez idea began to bloom.

“I had been missing the feeling of touch,” she says, “and I knew it was affecting me on many different levels.”

Let’s cozy up to the Snuggle Buddiez app. Any Boise woman craving platonic intimacy will be able to grab her phone, scroll through cuddlist photos, check out their bios and ratings, and make an appointment. Bam! A cuddle buddy will come knocking.

The certified snuggler will go over rules. Both parties will establish boundaries. Clients will be presented with a menu of various activities and positions.

“So they can choose to just start off maybe on the couch holding hands and talking, and kind of having the cuddlist get a feel for what they’re going through in life right now,” Lindsay says. “From there, they might snuggle on the couch. Or they might decide to move to a bed and snuggle. Or they could even go out and do other platonic activities like go for a walk or go to a movie, things like that.”

“We’re also going to offer services like massage. Simple things like petting hair. Things that are comforting to people, in kind of a nurturing way.”

The cost of a standard session? $80 an hour.

Wouldn’t it be easier to just have your cat sleep on your face or something?

I guess not. And the more I hear Lindsay explain pro snuggling, the less bizarre it starts to seem. (This frightens me. I need that hug.)

“Honestly, just think about it,” she says. “Women pay a lot of money for massages and counseling sessions and things like that. So I think it kind of embodies all of that.”

The Idaho Statesman


SEPTEMBER 28, 2017 09:06 AM